[ Fabien Waltmann ]

"I Will See You" is one of songs I've composed with Sam Quartin for the film NY84 directed by Cyril Morin. Coming out fall 2016. I also did the score for it...

A story about an agnostic man and an African muslim woman who fall in love but grapple with differences in their core beliefs and lifestyle choices. They discover that when two cultures touch each other, the consequences can be magical and tragic.

In the Christian community in north Israel which for thousands of years has being absorbed into the Muslim majority and named as Arabs, lives a man Shadi, who was taught that his real identity comes from the ancient Aramaic culture. When his first son is born he gives him the name Aram like the ancient kings of the Aramean nation and wants to register him as Aramean, but the authorities decline and declare that the Aramean nationality does not exist. Shadi rejects their decision stating that he does not consider himself as an Arab and he will not agree to separate his son from his true identity. He decides to write to the government demanding an explanation, why Arameans are not recognised. In the first days of his newborn son being at home, Shadi is going from house to house in his community, sharing a dream of creating Aramaic as a daily modern language and his people recognised as Arameans. “Our future as a Christian minority is wrapped up in the future of the State of Israel’ - he says. The discussion about Aramean's identity raises the question of a nation without borders. Although some people are fascinated by his vision, some have doubts that real change will come. They don’t want to trust someone who serves in the Israeli Army, asking him if he really believes that they can deny the Arab culture. Shadi discovers that people need time to adapt to new ideas and ways. He accepts that he can’t change or save everyone. He comes back to his solitary space where he finds that his true identity and love for the father’s land is already inside him, and no one can take it from him. He discovers that his mission is inside his house to rise his son giving him his true identity just like his own father had done. Shadi sees that his idea is just a beginning of something that maybe his son will be able to change.
In 2014 after 7 years of struggle the Israeli government accepted Shadi’s request and recognised the Aramean nation. Now every newborn can be registered as Aramean.


The story of two best friends and their desperate desire to escape.


A beautifully bleak countryside trailer park. Soft-spoken, sixteen year old Lottie lives in cramped, dirty trailer with her mother and stepfather, but does all that she can to mentally transport herself away to a self-created world populated by her dolls and books. TRASH reveals Lottie’s last few days at tolerating her innocent life soiled by the degradation that surrounds her. We follow Lottie as she deals with her abusive parents, her junkie neighbors, her seemingly hopeless situation, but today is different. Today Lottie decides to take drastic measures in order to break free. Short film TRASH delivers up a stark and atmospheric glimpse at innocence in a world of torment and contamination.